- Privacy Policy

[This Privacy Policy is in effect from May 30th, 2023] is a leading AI essay and paper writing tool. Apart from offering a free AI-based writing tool, we are also committed to providing a safe and thriving environment for our users. This Privacy Policy informs the users about the company’s practices in getting, processing, storing, and sharing their personal information when they use the site (“Website”) and its relevant services (“Services”). By virtue of using the Services of the Website, users agree to the privacy policy of the company.

Collection of Information

1.1 Personal Data: In the spirit of fair usage and improvement of Services, may collect the personal data of the users when they explore the Services from the Website. We only collect and use the information that is explicitly shared with the platform.

1.2 Fair Use of Personal Data: also acquires information that can help it in better determining the quality and quantity of usage by different users. This metadata often relates to IP information, browser type, location, and other hardware-related information.

Usage of Information

2.1 Provide & Improve Services: has a clear purpose behind collecting the personal information of users - to provide and improve Services for users. The collected information helps the company to speed up payment processing, customization of experience, customer services, and so on.

2.2 Modifications: We use information from users to customize media and overall content for our users.

2.3 Research & Analysis: To understand and stay on top of the trends, we may use the personal information of the users to gauge the success of our endeavors, including development, marketing, sponsors, and more.

2.4 Compliance: We reserve the right to share the personal information of users in case of - asserting the legal right of the company, protecting the rights and wellbeing of our users, employees, and other stakeholders, or helping the law in its proceedings. 

Sharing of Information

3.1 Third-Party: Concerning delivery and improvement of Services, may share the personal data of users with third parties. This includes payment processing, marketing, and so on.

3.2 Business Occupation & Mergers: If the company is merged or taken over by new management, all the information belonging to user data will be shared as a part of the deal. Users will be notified to take further action regarding their data.

3.3 Legal Requirements: The company may disclose the personal data of the users in case of a criminal investigation after formal orders by a court of law. 

3.4 Masking of Personal Data: In the spirit of protecting our users’ information, we may aggregate or mask the real data. The data may be used in research and analysis work.

Security of Infrastructure

4.1 Disclaimer: takes extraordinary measures to protect the infrastructure from being misused and abused by unauthorized personnel. Still, there are chances of leakages because no system is secure enough to detect and neutralize a threat in advance. In these instances, the company will bear no responsibility.

Ownership of Personal Data

5.1 Control of User Account Information: If users want to get their information removed from the company, they can submit a formal request at [email protected]. However, certain information is kept by the brand for internal usage or for compliance with the law.

5.2 Cookies & Tracking Tools: uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve the Website experience of the users. It is the right of the users to disable such settings from their browsers. However, the user experience will be affected in such cases.

Customer Support

6.1 Issues or Concerns: Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any queries, issues, or business inquiries.

Modifications to Privacy Policy

7.1 Right to Modify: holds the right to alter, modify, or completely change the privacy policy of the company. Users may or may not get notified in such cases. Therefore, it is in their interest to visit this page and go over changes. All the changes will be effective the moment they are shared on the Website.